Thoughtful Packaging


Like our jewelry, our packaging is carefully designed. We have considered every aspect and created packaging that’s not only aesthetically distinctive but also pragmatically functional.


Jute is used as the material to enclose the box. A fabric originated from India, jute is treated so that the threads don’t entangle with your jewelry. The bright and black fabrics used inside are made with special care so that they don’t react with alloys used to make gold and diamond jewelry, such as copper.


Box design


The box your jewelry comes in is designed with a special feature. When jewelry is touched with fingers, the oil from the finger tips goes onto the diamond and gold, reducing clarity and shine. To avoid this, we created a black case that’s separate from the turquoise outer flap. This case can be used to store your jewelry, showcase it, or present it on a special occasion.

We’ve thoughtfully designed our packaging because typical jewelry boxes do not take these factors into consideration, leading to quality degradation over time.

For example, a necklace or bracelet with a depth of an inch or more can rub against the fabric covering it, loosening a hinge or locking. With cramped packaging, stones rub against each other. Diamond, being the hardest substance, can scratch other diamonds or gemstones in the piece.

Great jewelry deserves to be well cared for, and that includes the packaging that it resides in. With Kria Jewels packaging, your jewelry has a home to match its craftsmanship and high quality, so that you can enjoy it for a long time.