DSC_0063Khushboo Sanghavi is the founder and principal  designer of Kria Jewels.

Khushboo’s love and passion for jewelry is second only after her family. Jewelry is a vessel through which she expresses her creativity and connects with those who appreciate design and craftsmanship.

Khushboo believes that making jewelry is really about making memories, and that every piece of jewelry contains a story.

She’s driven to design a story well told. She’s driven by the way a piece of jewelry makes you feel, starting with the moment you open the box for the first time. Her ultimate definition of success is when a client sees the final product and proclaims, “Ah, I love it!”


She has dedicated much of her life refining the art and science of jewelry design, starting with her studies at Polytechnic Department of  S.N.D.T University in Mumbai. During this three-year intensive program, Khushboo learned design and production techniques in detail and undertook actual projects manufacturing jewelry pieces.

Khushboo further deepened her knowledge at the Gemological Institute of America(GIA), the world’s foremost authority in gemology. By the time she graduated, she had studied almost 4500 gemstones. During this time, she spent two months alone looking at diamonds and diamond substitutes. This gave Khusboo the keen eye and crucial knowledge to select diamonds effectively. When it comes to price, value, and authenticity, you can have the utmost confidence when picking diamond with Khushboo.
With over a decade of academic and professional experience — working with clients and partners domestically and internationally — Khushboo is proud to create Kria Jewels. She delights in working closely with her clients, taking them through the entire journey of creating their piece of jewelry.