Story behind our logo


Kria Jewels is committed to making handcrafted  and customized jewelry to celebrate our unique individuality and rich heritage. Our logo is a visual expression of that commitment.

Each aspect of our logo is carefully considered and carries a rich meaning.

Kria, derived from the Sanskrit root verb kri (क्री ), means work, action, or effort. It’s also a temple procedure or yogic practice meant to achieve a certain results. We believe the power of dreaming big, and we believe in hard work and determination to fulfill our dreams.

Jewels is our love, second only after our family. It’s our expression of creativity. It’s our passion.

The letters K and J form a ring with a V slit for a beautiful diamond to fit in. This is where the customization comes in. This is where we meet.

The turquoise represents the color of the ocean, vast, deep, soothing, powerful, and full of possibilities. The gold stands for the metal we love working with. It stands for wisdom, accomplishment, and things coming into fruition.

Finally, the pencil signifies how all pieces are sketched and handmade: carefully, deliberately; with care, pride, and craftsmanship.